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Our Purpose & Story

For nearly two decades now, travel and property sites have presented their spaces via still-photo images that simply can't give us the big "picture."  With so many advancements in today's media technology, why are we still perusing photo-galleries to see, book, or learn about places of interest? 


This question is what led to the creation of Showcases|3D, a platform whose mission is to feature the widest array of 3D virtualized spaces from around the world for much deeper, location-based engagements. Our aim in the emerging Metaverse is to be the world's first Go-To place where meta-Travelers can explore spaces via immersive navigation, dynamic media, and live interaction. This in turn gives property, venue, and destination hosts the opportunity to showcase their virtualized spaces in a much more marketable, engaging, and inspirational way. 

Founded in the Summer of 2021, Showcases|3D is a small NYC-based startup conceptualized by Shakoure Char, a writer and media creator who overcame the challenges of juvenile justice to become an entrepreneur with multiple college and graduate degrees. Having formed a production company in 2015, Shakoure entered the 3D spatial capture industry as a Google Trusted Pro and Matterport Service Provider. Six year later, he took that knowledge and experience to drive his belief in a digitally immersive future. 

Not yet a year old, this project to build a central space in the Metaverse where people can explore a wide variety of virtualized destinations from the real-world is now gaining traction. As it traverses 2022 into something potentially bold and magnificent, it should always be remembered that it all began with an under-resourced, little-supported endeavor from an unlikely entrepreneur with a broken past.

We want people to know that satisfying your curiosity about an amazing place, whether it's to assess before booking and traveling, or to visit virtually because traveling there isn't possible, is really our pleasure and heart-warming reward.  Thank you immensely for your support.  

Shakoure Char, Founder/CEO


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