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Maximize your QR's
Potential, Efficiency, and Engagement

In 3 Easy Steps:

1. Convert Your URLs to Dynamic Links (optional)

We recommend converting your static URLs to dynamic links with a FREE account from our friends at Rebrandly.

The reason to do this, as explained in the video, is so that you can always change the URL destination of the QR code, and access traffic reports for that link. With a static URL, however, neither of that is possible.

So... once you've created your dynamic link(s), come back here to this page and let's resume maximizing your QR's engagement.



2. Brand your QR with Custom Designs

Regular QR codes are very generic and all look the same.  



But with a custom branded design, you can attract up to 200% more scans and enjoy 70% more conversion than a regular generic QR code. 



Asset 5.png
Asset 7.png


  • Two Color Design

  • Background Color

  • Dot Texture

  • Center Text or Logo

  • Get PNG & SVG Files

Asset 10.png
Asset 6.png

We say customizing with Socialeap is a better deal than most (if not all) of the custom QR generators online.


And that's because you don't need them to charge you for converting & tracking your dynamic links... you can get that FREE from a company like Rebrandly. 

Plus, unlike their payment plans, we don't charge $5 or $10 monthly just to generate a few custom QRs that will each have scan limits 😡.

Ours is a one-time price for a custom

branded design that you keep for life:


3. Expand your Reach with QR Prints

Select any of the products below for personalized QR placement... from retail tags to tote bags.



QR Card Sample.jpg
QR Tags.png
Image by Albert Hu

10X Your

Get your QR beyond digital and printed onto stationary and products people will notice!

Sticker Logo on Cup.png
QR-Tote bag.png

As we explore and find more items and products that make ideal QR placements, we'll add them here.

Viral Share Image.PNG

Questions? ...Get in Touch!

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