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As a 3D Capture Pro on Showcases|3D, you'll get an amazing social space to present, promote, share, and get engagement on your profile and 3D tour services.

Once your 3D ProMo is published, you can share it on other social platforms and invite prospects to see what you offer, including new work samples, features, discounts, and an S3D standard booking app.

As we grow our platform, so will exposure for your Posts among property hosts and others looking to capture and virtualize their space in the areas your cover. To ensure your Post gets maximum engagement and doesn't get flagged for non-compliance, please follow through by including the content outlined below.

Lastly, feel free to add a comment below. We'll do our best to reply when needed.


Using the Editor to Design your Showcase Post

Our editor is quite robust yet easy to use.

To Create a New Post:

  1. Click on your Profile Menu

  2. Select 'My Posts'

  3. Click "Create a Post" on the right.

Once you're in the editor mode, you'll see a plus button ⊕ along the left side of your work space. These buttons appear each time you insert your cursor on a new line or any area of your work space.

Clicking it will open the editing toolbar (like below).

Add & Format your Text

The formatting toolbar (above) appears anytime you highlight or block a section of text.

Highlight or block select your section title and select Header 2 or 3 from the menu, change it to a preferred color, bold, italicize, etc.

Add Required Elements

To design your post, add the following 7 Standard Elements to present a complete overview of your 3D capture service. All starred* items are mandatory and your post may be flagged if missing.

Each of these sections should begin with a Header that you can choose from your formatting toolbar.

Feel free to look at this sample showcase post as a template or inspiration.


1) Create a Title for your ProMo Post

The title of your posts appears at the very top or heading of each post as well as in the listing of posts under certain categories. It will also appear in the search results of those looking for listings in your area.

Creating a Title requires formatting it in 3-parts:

  1. Your name or company name.

  2. The city, state where you are based (preface with @ symbol)

  3. 3D Software/platform the you use (in parenthesis)


"Inner Dimensions @Orlando, Florida (Matterport)"


2) Add a Sample of your Work

Use the URL link for your virtualized property from either Matterport, iGuide, or other 3D platform to generate a Conversion Code below.

It is important that the link or code is configured to open automatically if possible (e.g. for Matterport, adding "&play=1" to the end of the URL link activates autoplay).

NOTE: The above conversion widget can be found on your menu for quick access when needed.

To embed your sample 3D Tour:

  1. Click the ⊕ button on the left of your work space.

  2. Click the </> button for HTML code.

  3. Copy the emailed Conversion Code and paste it into the HTML field.

  4. Once the 3D tour loads, double click the window to open the Settings menu. A toolbar will appear like the one here:

5. To optimize mobile performance, click the Width Button |↔| in the toolbar to adjust the size to 500 and set the Height ↕ to 400 (you can manually enter this size in the box).

3) Intro to Your Company & Service

Add a short paragraph about your company's work, brand, team, or other points that help others to know more about the quality of your service.

4) Areas of Coverage

The areas you serve must be included either as a dropdown list or a embedded map (see section 5 below).

To create a dropdown menu, open the editing toolbar in a new position and click the last icon to open and place a collapsable menu.

The first line in the collapsible menu should be your Title and it should indicate the State or general region of service, followed by a list of individual areas of coverage, one area per line. To create another collapsible region, simply click "Add another item." See "Settings" for more options.


5) Add Map of the Area your Serve

Many people aren't aware of this little-known tool, but it's mapping magic for free! Google My Maps is a tool that allows you to create an exact outline of the area you'd like to shade and identify as your area of coverage and embed it as a map in your ProMo Post.

To Start:

1. Sign into (or create) your Google My Business account in order for your browser to recognize your Google account. 2. Open the following link in your browser>> 3. Open the map to your region of coverage 4. Click Create New Map 5. Add a Title on the top left window (e.g. VisitorVR - Areas of Service) 6. Click "Add Layer" in top-left window, name it. 7. Click the ⍼ "Draw a Line" icon from the upper menu bar, and select "Add line or shape" 8. Draw an outline around your area of coverage by clicking placing nodal points 9. In menu window, click Share to make your map public. 10 Click 3-dot menu and select "Embed on my Site." Copy the HTML code and paste it as an HTML widget in your ProMo post.

For a more detailed instruction, read here.

6) List Of Features

Another collapsible menu should be a list of add-on features that you provide. These features should be related to to the type of scanning and software that you use in virtualizing spaces. We recommend reviewing the Add-Ons listed in our S|3D Booking app to ensure you a wording your features in the same way. If there is a feature you offer that is not listed under our Add-ons you can make an request to

7) Add the S|3D Booking App

The S|3D Booking app is a comprehensive and streamlined form that you can embed on your post as an HTML widget. It allows viewers to quickly begin an order request on your post and emails you the details of the project for your acceptance.

The app is pre-set with a 3-tiered pricing structure based on square footage and 3-levels of feature add-ons based on complexity.


  • 5,000 SF or less= $0.20/SF or $20/scan

  • More than 5,000 SF = $0.15/SF or $15/scan

  • 20k SF or More = $0.10/SF or $10/scan


  • Basic Features (e.g. media tags) = $25 ea.

  • Premium Features (e.g. background music) = $50 ea.

  • Platinum Features (e.g schematic floor plan) =$100 ea.

We of course understand that each Pro will have their own pricing based on their local market and personal capacities. While our pricing structure might seem a bit high compared to your own, we intentionally set it above average to cover a wide variety of price ranges, and leave it up to you to offset the app's estimate with your own discount. To do so, simply add a discount offer in the next section under the booking app.

8) Pricing & Payment

This last section should inform your viewers about how you finalize and bill a booking order. If you offer any specific methods of payment, whether by invoice or payment link, this is the place to mention that. Alos, if you wish to lower the price estimate calculated by the S|3D Booking app, you should mention that here as well. For example, place a formatted heading directly below the Booking app that reads:

Get 15% OFF the Provided Estimate!


Feel free to leave a comment or inquiry. We'll try our best to reply within a reasonable time.


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