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3D Walk-Through [Demo] Best on tablet or laptop.

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Photos: The Maxwells (Ruby June & Philip Maxwell)

"Alexa Meade painted an array of art installations inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for her solo exhibition Immersed in Wonderland. Visitors to the interactive exhibition were invited to climb into the multidimensional artwork and embody the curious spirit of Alice on a journey through Wonderland. Immersed in Wonderland NYC was scheduled to run March 13 - June 28, 2020. Due to COVID-19 lockdown orders, the exhibition was unable to be opened to the public.



Gallery- [demo purposes only]



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Booking a scheduled call will allow me to answer your questions by phone as you navigate the 3D presentation on your desktop. Please make sure to provide a phone number where I can reach you on the scheduled date and time.

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