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Showcases|3D integrates Jitsi Meet as an easy, browser-based live-chat plug-in for your showcase posts. If you haven't already embedded a live-chat widget into your post, click here to see how simple it is. If you want to learn more about Jitsi Meet features, you're at the right place. Here's how to get more out of your live-chat widget.

1. In your Showcase Post, scroll down to the live chat window, enter your name, and click Join meeting.

2. Secure control of your Chat Room. Click on the 3 dots in your bottom menu bar.

Select Security Options and click the Enable Lobby button to "on." The Lobby feature keeps visitors there until you see there name and let them in.

Another option is to require visitors to enter a password for allow entry instead of waiting in the lobby. Send your visitor the password only after you have setup your room.

That's it. Your live chat is now ready.

PS. Use your 1st completed post as a template by creating a copy of it in the Dashboard, and renaming the copy MASTER. When you have a new property to showcase, make a copy of the MASTER and rename with a title that suits the new property.


Other Settings & Features

  • Specify your camera and mic by clicking your name in the same menu above. Select the Devices tab so that you can see the camera and mic devices available for your chat/presentation.

  • Profile Image: use your email profile image; this requires that you enter your email under the Profile tab in the same section as above.

  • Change Background: In the 3 Dot Menu, scroll down to Background and select a background. If you prefer to conserve as much memory resources for you and your visitors, consider leaving this blank.

  • Play YouTube Video: If there's a video you'd like your visitors to watch at some point within your presentation, simply click the 3 Dot Menu, select Share a Youtube Video and enter the video URL link for that video. You can set this up prior to your session since the video will be cued inside the share-screen options.

Primary Icons and their Functions:


Share-Screen your own Tour of the 3D Walk-Through

Sometimes you may need to walk your visitors/prospects through the property by navigating the Walk-Through yourself and talking about what they're seeing on their end.

With every live chat of your Showcase, its best practice to have your 3D Walk-Through open in a separate browser tab. If and when you're ready to share-screen the Walk-Through, click the screen button (see below).

This will open to a menu where you will select Chrome Tab or (the Tab of your browser). From there you will select the tab showing your 3D Walk-Through. Use the actual tab of your browser with the 3D Tour to navigate the 3D Walk-Through. Your viewers will be able to hear you and see your Walk-Through as you navigate it.

NOTE: If you anticipate doing live chats with 4 or more viewers at a time on a frequent basis, we can help you register and setup a dedicated Jaas for better quality web conferencing.


Other Features in Publishing your Showcase Post

  • SETTINGS: Under the General tab, you have the option to choose an image that appears as the thumbnail and share post image. If none is selected, the default image will be the first image in your post. under the Advanced tab, you have the option to specify the description that appears next to the thumbnail. Otherwise it will default to the first few lines of the post.

  • SEO: These parameters have already been optimized for this platform in. order to get effective Google search rankings

  • CATEGORIES: The different types of properties, destinations, and spaces are organized by category. Selecting the one that best describes your property (see left column panel) helps users find your Showcase.

  • TAGS: Tags are not necessary since viewers can search for showcases much quicker by searching for keywords that appear in the title of your showcase post.

  • If you do use them, please note that they are case sensitive, so be sure to type them in as most people would expect.

  • MONETIZE: While technically you can monetize your showcase post by creating a subscription that viewers must sign up for, this feature is recommended only for highly specialized presenters that have exclusive, high end properties to showcase. For most Showcase presenters, we do not recommend any monetization since your goal is to make touring a property easy and hurdle-free for your prospects.

  • TRANSLATE: This is optional if you expect to have viewers that will need to read your content in other languages.

FORMATTING: The upper toolbar contains basic formatting functions for your text, like bold, font size, color, etc. You can also create hyperlinks in any of the texts contained in the Post so that it opens to either another section of the Post or to an external website. Simply highlight or block the text and click the link icon on the top menu.



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