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Thanks to our friends at Jitsi, Showcases|3D can help you set up a super easy chat widget with some really awesome features.


1. In the Showcase Post, scroll down to the blue bubble and click Open Live Chat. A window will popup.

2. Enter a secret phrase as your Room ID into the entry box. Click Start or Join meeting.

NOTE: We highly recommend using a laptop/desktop for optimal experience. If using a mobile device, be sure to click "Launch in web" when prompted by Jitsi to download the app (the app is not needed).

3. Secure your Chat Room. Click on the 3 dots in your bottom menu bar.

4. Select Security Options and click the Enable Lobby button to "on." The Lobby feature keeps visitors in the Lobby until you see their name and let them in.

Another option is to require visitors to enter a password for allow entry instead of waiting in the lobby. Send your visitor the Room ID only after you have setup your room.

That's it. Your live chat is now ready.


Other Settings & Features

  • Specify your camera and mic by clicking your name in the same menu above. Select the Devices tab so that you can see the camera and mic devices available for your chat/presentation.

  • Profile Image: use your email profile image; this requires that you enter your email under the Profile tab in the same section as above.

  • Change Background: In the 3 Dot Menu, scroll down to Background and select a background. If you prefer to conserve as much memory resources for you and your visitors, consider leaving this blank.

  • Play YouTube Video: If there's a video you'd like your visitors to watch at some point within your presentation, simply click the 3 Dot Menu, select Share a Youtube Video and enter the video URL link for that video. You can set this up prior to your session since the video will be cued inside the share-screen options.

Primary Icons and their Functions:


Screen Share Your 3D Tour & Walk-Through

In addition to chatting with friends about a destination, venue, or vacation rental, you may want to show your friends where you are in the virtualized space or walk your friends through the space. This is possible if the showcase post provides the direct URL of the 3D Tour. If it does, follow the instructions below right before inviting friends to explore with you.

  1. Copy the provided URL of the 3D tour and open it in a separate browser tab.

  2. In the showcase post, open the Live Chat window, setup and secure your room.

  3. In the chat menu bar, click the share screen button (see below).

This will open a menu where you will select browser tab containing the 3D Tour.

4. Use the browser tab with the 3D Tour to navigate and display the various 3D features of the Tour - your viewers will see it real-time in their chat windows.

NOTE: Limit invited viewers to 3 guests at a time.


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