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How to Get the Square Footage
for Most U.S. Properties

As a 3D Capture Pro, getting decent estimates on the size of a client's property, especially  can be allusive.  

1) Online Realtor Data sites tend to provide the Square Footage (SF) to most existing residential properties: | |

Simply enter the property address to get the size info.

2) GPS Mapping Calculators can also be used to estimate the SF of lot-based properties. 

The SF is calculated by requiring you to outline the aerial shape of the property from a rendered satellite image.

3) Contact the local county clerk, recorder, auditor, or state registry of deeds in the county of the property. We recommend using Netronline, a national registry of municipal offices that help you find the appropriate office contacts (free) and single real estate property data (paid).


4) At-Location Measurement is simply physically measuring the length & width of each room or space that makes up the property, including hallways and stairs. Laser measuring devices can make this task easier than physical measuring tape. Try our recommended brand here (affiliate link).


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