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For Host Only

Use 8x8 to add Audio

Stream music or ambient sound in the background from any web tab on your desktop browser. 

  1. In another tab, open the web page containing the audio content you'd like to stream (i.e. Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud,  .mp3 player, etc.) Play your content, but mute the tab to avoid hearing double.

    1. z​

  2. Click below to open 8x8 Stream Room:

    1. a​​

    2. b

  3. Enter a name like DJ, Sound Host, or Audio Player (turn off cam and mute mic).

  4. Click 3-dot menu on bottom. Select 'Share Audio', then select the tab containing your audio.

  5. Lastly, in the right-side panel, add a user name and click join to connect the stream here (again, turn off cam and mute mic).

As the Sound Host or DJ, you control the audio or music from the web page or source for your audio.

To share the invite link, copy the following:

That's it!

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